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The MP Label UG, official sales office of IZ Cartridge Solutions, is your reliable partner for high-valuable cartridges. We have concentrated us in the production of cartridges with IML decoration. At our production sites in Turkey and Slovenia we are producing the classic 280ml, 310ml and 500ml silicone, lubricant and sealant cartridges, incl. the pistons and nozzles. Our newest product is the 400gr grease cartridge according to DIN 1284!

Customer-Oriented Sales

From Europes heart (Northrhine Westfalia, Germany) we offer a fast local support in both German and English. Regardless of the issue, our employees are active with their years of experiences in plastic processing.

Innovative Products

"Anyone can print cartridges." This is the reason why we transform the classic cartridge into an innovative product by utilizing In-Mold Labelling (IML). With a label, which covers more or less the whole cartridge body, our customers get the maximum level of printable area and the highest level of photogenic print designs. As an alternative we can also offer the digital printing.

Excellent Prices

Due to the cost structure of our production locations, we offer our clients best prices. As our labels are also produced at reasonable costs, we can offer a high-quality decorated cartridge at best kit-prices.


Also IZ Cartridge Solutions, our production company, starts very moderate in 1987 with the printing of medical plastic packaging. Since 1992 we added the printing of cartridges into our portfolio, where we discovered the potential of this article. This was the reason, why we started in the following year with the additional production of these cartridges.

A Success Story: From the First Tool to 3 Production Plants

As we invested in our first big cartridge tool in 1993, there has been followed almost annually large-scale investments in lots of injection molding machines, production tools, decoration techniques, and now, in IML robots.

Due to the target to take big parts of the European Market, we increased our production capacities in 3 sites with totally 10.000 m2 area.

IZ Cartridge Solutions manufactures millions of cartridges with high-performance injection molding machines, offset presses, IML robots, its own pre-press and equipment for maintenance and is now one of the world's leading suppliers of silicone, acrylic, adhesives, grease fat and sealants for all of your product packaging needs.

Our Products

Besides the cartridge, we also produce all other elements, which are necessary for a complete kit.


Production of HDPE cartridges in 280 ml & 310 ml volumes according to DIN 16742.


Several piston varieties (HDPE / LDPE) for silicon cartridges in approx. 2.30 − 3.33 cm heights and 5.8 − 7 grams for hot or cold filling.

Nozzles (incl. cap)

Nozzle varieties with or without cap for silicon cartridges for a wide variety of applications.

HD Lids

We offer HD lids/caps in qualitative HD raw material for different purposes in different colours.


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